How many times have you hopped on your bike, only to realize that it's not in the best condition for a ride? Maybe the chain is rusty, the tires need air, or the brakes are squeaky. Before you head out for a ride, it's important to make sure your bike is ready to go. Here are tips on how to prep your bike before you ride!In this blog post, we'll show you how to prep your bike before you ride. By following these simple steps, you can make sure that your bike is safe and ready to roll!

Step 1: Check The Air Pressure in Your Tires

Start by checking the air pressure in your tires. If they are too low, this might cause them to wear out prematurely. On the other hand, if your tires are overinflated, it could make riding difficult and less safe. Be sure to check with a tire gauge to see what's best for your bike!

Step 2: Lube Up Your Chain/Clean Off Excess Dried Grease

Just like vehicles need oil changes, bikes need their chains cleaned every once in a while. By cleaning off old dried grease from your chain and reapplying lube to it, you can ensure that it'll run smoothly for the duration of your ride. If you don't, it could become dry and not move at all.

Step 3: Tighten Up Your Brakes!

Next up is brakes. Make sure that they are tight enough so that they aren't loose or squeaky, but not too tight where they can't be moved easily. When done correctly, they should make a noise when pressed down (you'll hear clicking). Another important step is to squeeze the brake levers with one hand while pulling hard on them the other to make sure everything is working.

Step 4: Add Some Air To Your Tires!

Finally, all you need to do is add some air/pressure to your tires if they are low on it! If you have a foot pump, this step is simple. To check the pressure in your tire(s), simply place the tip of your finger on the center of each one. They should feel firm and not squishy at all.

Why is It Important To Check Your Bike Before a Ride?

If you go out without checking your bike, you might end up on a ride that is more hazardous than it should be. For example, if the brakes aren't working properly or tightened enough, riding can become quite dangerous.To avoid this, simply check the air pressure in your tires and lube up your chain before every ride! If you follow these steps and make sure everything is working properly beforehand, you'll notice an improvement to your overall riding experience. Happy riding!

Other Things To Bring Before a Bike Ride?

It's important to bring the following before you ride:- A water bottle (to stay hydrated)- Sunscreen, sunglasses, and clothing for sun protection; layered clothing is best- Clothing for rain/temperature changes (if necessary)These are all important things to remember to bring if it's a longer ride because they can make your experience more pleasant. For example, sunscreen will protect your skin from harmful UV rays, while sunglasses help prevent eye strain during sunlight hours. If it starts raining, having proper waterproof gear will keep you dry! Layered clothing is best because you can remove or add layers depending on temperature change.Remember: Always listen to your body though. If you feel like not biking that day due to the elements, it's probably best to stay home.

Feb 9, 2022

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