You wouldn't set out on a long bike road trip without your trusty bike repair kit checklist, would you? Preparing for a ride means being organized and packing the necessary supplies. Whether you're hitting the trail or cycling around town, make sure to bring along this bike repair kit checklist!

Best 13 Bike Repair Tools

The good news is, that you don't need a lot of fancy equipment to make minor repairs or adjustments on your bike. There are only a few tools that every cyclist should have in their bag, which include:

Multi-Tool (Allen Wrenches)

A multi-tool has all the Allen wrenches you'll need. If not, definitely add this item to your list! You'd be surprised how often we reach for ours while out biking. Plus, it's easy to store. Most products fit right inside the seat tube on the frame of our mountain bikes.

Tire Levers

Don't get caught without tire levers when you're fixing a flat! This is one of the more important items on our checklist. Be sure to pack these little guys into your bag before heading out biking.

Bike Pump

Another must-have item that every cyclist should have in their bike repair kit. A mini pump will get you home if you get a flat tire while cycling, but it's important to know where the nearest gas station with an air compressor is too!

Adjustable Wrench

An adjustable wrench can come in handy when dealing with nuts and bolts—as long as they aren't rusted! If rusty parts are stopping your ride short, grab some WD40 or similar products for removing rust from gears and chains.

Chain Link Remover

For getting links back into chains, a chain link remover is a way to go.

Cassette Remover

If you need to remove a cassette from your rear wheel—which, let's be honest, it probably won't be very often—then you'll need a cassette remover tool.

Quick-Release Levers

The quick-release levers on our bikes are great for making adjustments on the fly, but they also open up the opportunity for theft if they're not locked properly. Be sure to pack locks and cables into your repair kit so you can secure those quick-release levers!

Hacksaw & Metal File

Hacksaws and files become extra handy if you have parts that are jammed or broken beyond repair. Use these tools help to cut through or file away any obstacles that might be stopping your ride.

Tire Boot

A tire boot is a small patch of rubber that can be used to fix a leak in flat tires. Squeeze out the area around the puncture and insert the rubber patch inside, then inflate! You can use duct tape as an alternative and save some weight by leaving this item off your list.

Duct Tape

Not only is duct tape helpful for making repairs on the go, but it's also handy for DIYing homemade seat covers and handlebar grips.

Toilet Paper (2-3 rolls)

Alright, so maybe we're not fans of carrying around stinky rolls of toilet paper with us just in case we get a flat tire. But, trust us: toilet paper can come in handy when repairing a flat! It's worth packing into your bag for those times when you least expect it.

Brightly Colored Fabric

To make sure others can see you, pack some brightly colored fabric and tie it to the back of your seat and/or front wheel so drivers and other cyclists know where you are.

Multi-Purpose Tool (Screwdriver)

A small multi-purpose screwdriver will help tighten up any loose screws that might be causing the chain to fall off as well as loosen anything too tight! Plus, who doesn't like having an extra tool around?

Final Thoughts

Once you've gathered all the items on our list, go ahead and pack them into a bag—preferably a small one you can throw right under your seat! There's no need to carry around the weight of a large toolbox if all you need is something lightweight that will fit in your pack.That's it, folks! The only other things we have on our list are water bottles, energy bars, and bike shorts... but from what we've been told those aren't nearly as important as having a well-stocked bike repair kit or two! Now that you know what to keep in your bag, get out there and cycle your heart out. We'll be cheering for you from the sidelines.

Feb 4, 2022

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